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In the cover story of the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford is asked if he identifies himself as being a Christian. Mumford’s parents are church leaders in the U.K. and his lyrics frequently reference God, prayer, and spirituality. Although never doubting the existence of God, Mumford stops short of […]

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badbadbad Jesús Ángel García New Pulp Press (2011) The future is here, kids. A novel is no longer limited to printed words on paper. We have the technology! In addition to the old-fashioned book, a novel can include rock and roll music, film, and even a youtube playlist. Almost like a Sunday service at your […]


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Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life Steve Almond Random House (2010) Everyone likes music. Some more than others. But for an unfortunate minority, music is life. It ceases to be merely pleasant background noise and invades every aspect of daily existence. It defines the clothes they wear, influences speech and thought patterns, dictates who […]


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If Daniel Johnston were born in a different time and place, he might have been burned as a heretic or confined forever to an insane asylum. But in this age, the self-taught singer-songwriter, given to paranoid delusions about Satan and violent outbursts, has become a revered figure in the underground art and music world. The […]


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No other character, historical or mythical, has inspired as many movies as Jesus Christ has. Some are excellent (Ben Hur), some are mediocre (Nativity Story), some are terrible (The Greatest Story Ever Told), and some are just silly (Ultrachrist!). I have compiled a list of 30 of some of the more notable titles in the […]

Do unto others?

by Todd Hebert

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“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” said Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. The Jewish Talmud, in Shabbat 31a, says, “What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man.” Muslim Prophet Muhammad said, “That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind.” Siddartha Gautama (Buddha) […]