Post image for Which is the better story? A review of “Life of Pi”

*Potential spoilers contained herein. “Your uncle told me that you have a story that will make me believe in God?” asks the writer to a middle-aged Piscine (Pi, for short) during the opening moments of “Life of Pi.” Damn, that’s a lofty and incredibly futile setup for a film! I’m all ears. Ang Lee’s new […]


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If Daniel Johnston were born in a different time and place, he might have been burned as a heretic or confined forever to an insane asylum. But in this age, the self-taught singer-songwriter, given to paranoid delusions about Satan and violent outbursts, has become a revered figure in the underground art and music world. The […]


Post image for Jesus Christ Movies: the Good, the Bad, and the Blasphemous

No other character, historical or mythical, has inspired as many movies as Jesus Christ has. Some are excellent (Ben Hur), some are mediocre (Nativity Story), some are terrible (The Greatest Story Ever Told), and some are just silly (Ultrachrist!). I have compiled a list of 30 of some of the more notable titles in the […]

Post image for Bill Maher’s “Religulous” is preachy and proud of it

The film Religulous, released last week on DVD, follows Bill Maher on a trek around the globe to find out what make religious people tick. “These questions about what happens when you die, they so freak people out that they will just make up any story,” says Maher after the opening credits. “Things that they […]