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The first Christmas I celebrated was only a few short years ago, well into my twenties. I have no fond childhood memories of Christmas to share because, being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, my parents didn’t celebrate the holiday. I don’t feel slighted in any way. I had a very good childhood, simply without Christmas. […]


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I walked in with a six-pack. “Oh, yeah!” my mom said. After an hour of chit-chat, potato chips and two MGDs (my parents were still nursing their first), there was a lull in the conversation and I jumped in. “So…I wanted to talk to you guys about religion.” My dad’s eyes somehow perked up and […]


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I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed: Tales from a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing Kyria Abrahams Touchstone (2010) This is a guest post by Hilary D. La Rivierre. When Hipster Monk asked me to read and review I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed by Kyria Abrahams, my first reaction was “No! I do not want to read the jaded woe-is-me stories […]


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What if a Jehovah’s Witness became a vampire? This is a theme that Dave Hitt explores in Blood Witness, a horror/comedy novel that he is releasing in weekly podcast installments on I interviewed Mr. Hitt about the novel, atheism, and his views on religion. Have you always been an atheist? I was raised as […]


There are many choices: Christianity: Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox Protestant Among others like: Islam Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Most have no choice. They are born that way. “Thou shalt not have no other gods before me.” Martin Luther started The Reformation in 1517. My mother started her Reformation in 1957 And joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses.