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New year’s resolutions don’t work. I don’t have to tell you this. You already know. So, why do you keep making them and breaking them year after year. You’re not going to lose weight, quit smoking, find a new job, eat healthier, exercise more, stick to a savings plan or anything else based on a […]


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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first delivered A Christmas Sermon on Peace on Christmas eve 1967, a few months before his violent death. As relevant now as it was 43 years ago, here are excerpts from the simple yet profoundly moving address. This Christmas season finds us a rather bewildered human race. We have neither […]


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Of all the Christmas miracles bestowed upon mankind, perhaps none has showcased the sheer majesty of divine power more than when David Bowie and Bing Crosby came together for one fateful night to perform the best, and most unlikely, Christmas duet of the last 2000 years. The song in question is, of course, “Little Drummer […]


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I have two kids, ages 11 and 9. I’m not buying them anything for Christmas this year. No, the reason is not because they have been bad and don’t deserve anything. On the contrary, I couldn’t be more proud of them. And I’m not trying to protest our country’s obsession with consumerism by denying them […]


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The first Christmas I celebrated was only a few short years ago, well into my twenties. I have no fond childhood memories of Christmas to share because, being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, my parents didn’t celebrate the holiday. I don’t feel slighted in any way. I had a very good childhood, simply without Christmas. […]


Rethinking tradition

by Todd Hebert

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When an employee at my place of work has a birthday, he or she is treated to a cake. It’s a nice gesture. We’ll sing “Happy Birthday,” a few of us will have a slice of cake and then we’ll get back to business. The cake gets put in the fridge with only 2 or […]

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Post image for Monk Mix Playlist #1: Christmas isn’t just for Christians

It’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen. Stop being a dick and get into the mood. You hate the commercialism, you hate the obligatory gift-giving, and you hate the greed; but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some really good Christmas music.

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Post image for A war on Christmas? Penn Jillette says no.

In the video below, the normally obnoxious Penn Jillette thoughtfully argues against the supposed “war on Christmas” and asks christians why they go to such great lengths to exclude people from the holiday.


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A few years ago, the kids and I decided to celebrate Hanukkah for the first time. We thought it would be fun. We’re not Jewish, but then again we’re not necessarily Christian and we celebrate Christmas. Each of the 8 nights of the Festival of Lights we progressively lit the Hanukkah candles one at a […]

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