Big list of sin!

by Todd Hebert

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sin (noun) – an offense against religious or moral law b: an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible Generally speaking, sin is a relative term that really has no meaning. If there is a god, I’m willing to bet he feels the same. A set list of dos and don’ts with […]


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“The faith in God around our globe Is just bad magic, just a joke Rabbis, priests and muftis, too Are “naked apes” like me and you Only, they see floating ghosts And wear quite funny caps and clothes” The excerpt above is from a German children’s book called Wo bitte geht’s zu Gott?, fragte das […]


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There is no better example of the toxicity of mixing religious fundamentalism with politics than that of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The Jewish deity bestowed control of this particular piece of land unto his people, so says a collection of books called the Bible. Israelis are making sure God’s will is carried out by evicting all […]


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The following is a guest post by Nicholas Rathod. In recent years, we have been told by a variety of conservatives that America’s founding fathers established the country under Christian doctrine—that we are a “Christian nation” and should operate accordingly. This notion—that our country’s roots are explicitly Christian—is both foolish and wrong, for it devalues […]

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I walked in with a six-pack. “Oh, yeah!” my mom said. After an hour of chit-chat, potato chips and two MGDs (my parents were still nursing their first), there was a lull in the conversation and I jumped in. “So…I wanted to talk to you guys about religion.” My dad’s eyes somehow perked up and […]


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My religious right friends, listen up. On November 6th, Maine, Maryland, and Washington state will vote on legislation to allow marriage equality for all committed couples. Progressive religious voices and civil rights groups are working hard to help achieve this human right, moving us closer to our nation’s promise of equality and justice for all. […]

Darwin is the Devil!

by Todd Hebert

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Growing up in an ultra-conservative sect of Christianity, I believed Charles Darwin to be a monster. Pure evil. A tool used by the devil to discredit God and the Bible. I knew nothing about Mr. Darwin, mind you. The only thing I knew about his evil theory was that humans supposedly evolved from apes. It […]


Los Angeles

by Todd Hebert

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“An unprofitable servant of God,” her father called me. His eyes black as blood. Angie loved him, but she adored (worshiped) me. “Don’t defile her purity boy,” he’d say. “Your love should be for Christ, not my Angie.” He spoke of love, but couldn’t grasp Divine Love, our love. So it was necessary. Silly detail […]