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In the town of Surat, in India, was a coffee-house where many travellers and foreigners from all parts of the world met and conversed. One day a learned Persian theologian visited this coffee-house. He was a man who had spent his life studying the nature of the Deity, and reading and writing books upon the […]


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badbadbad Jesús Ángel García New Pulp Press (2011) The future is here, kids. A novel is no longer limited to printed words on paper. We have the technology! In addition to the old-fashioned book, a novel can include rock and roll music, film, and even a youtube playlist. Almost like a Sunday service at your […]


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I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed: Tales from a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing Kyria Abrahams Touchstone (2010) This is a guest post by Hilary D. La Rivierre. When Hipster Monk asked me to read and review I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed by Kyria Abrahams, my first reaction was “No! I do not want to read the jaded woe-is-me stories […]


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At six o’ clock both sides of Main Street were lined with vehicles. Unusual for a Sunday night during Winter Break. Sid and I were on our way to meet my girlfriend Emily at Swany’s Tavern to get a few beers and some onion rings before heading to the 242 Club. There was a hardcore […]

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Los Angeles

by Todd Hebert

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“An unprofitable servant of God,” her father called me. His eyes black as blood. Angie loved him, but she adored (worshiped) me. “Don’t defile her purity boy,” he’d say. “Your love should be for Christ, not my Angie.” He spoke of love, but couldn’t grasp Divine Love, our love. So it was necessary. Silly detail […]