Protesting Westboro Baptist Church with poetry

by Todd Hebert

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I don’t like to talk about people or organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church. Up until now I’ve never mentioned their childish, hate-mongering antics on this website. No Fred Phelps; no “God Hates [Fags, Fag Enablers, America, Israel, Your Tears, etc]” signs. You couldn’t find it here. Seriously, I had better things to do.

Phelps and his posse seek attention. Acknowledging them on this website would simply validate that their viewpoints are somehow worthy of dialogue. So, up until now, we have chosen to transcend the discussion. If we ignore them maybe they’ll just go away?

Others in the media and blogosphere love them a good Westboro Baptist Church story. “Where are they protesting now?” “OMG, Shirley Phelps said WHAT?! That bitch!”

Reading about how “evil” they are is yesterday’s news. Years ago when first hearing about the fringe group’s hate rhetoric, I was mildly angered yet curiously entertained. Now, boredom to the nth degree.

The website, God Loves Poetry, is a creative, fun, and not-completely-pointless way to respond to the non-issue of Westboro Baptist Church. If one feels it completely necessary to protest the protesters, this is a pretty good way to do it.

The idea of the website is to create “blackout poetry” from WCB’s press releases. This way, contributors are using WBC’s own words, more or less, to convey messages of acceptance and love.

The lord made adam and steve


We release the hate,
run to you,
& remind you that
our God
commands love and
And see:
we all are messy,
but God continues
to love us.

Ideally, Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church should be completely ignored. But people love to protest. People love to be heard. And what better way to stick it to WBC than with cheesy Christian poetry. I seriously mean that.

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