Monk-Mix Playlist #2: Cheesy Goodness

by Todd Hebert

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Since the beginning of popular music one particular sound seems to hijack the radio stations and take over popular culture to the point of deluge. It’s the type of song that gets stuck in your head so deeply that it takes a team of hypnotists to purge it from your psyche. I’m talking about cheesy music. You know all the lyrics and sing along at the top of your lungs while simultaneously poking fun at these songs with your friends. No one you know likes cheesy music but, strangely, these songs and albums regularly sell millions of copies.

These songs are not cool. How could you possible admit enjoying them?

You fool yourself and make it socially acceptable by saying, “it’s so bad, it’s good.” But no, what you really want to say is, “it’s SO frigging good, it’s GOOD!”

Cheese takes the most basic human emotions that we all have (love, joy, sadness, grieving) and -through delicate piano melodies, over-produced orchestral arrangements, and truly sophomoric but endlessly earnest poetry- multiplies those emotions to the nth degree. It takes loads of talent to write and perform a truly cheesy song. It’s a special kind of music. You know it and, deep down, you love it. C’mon now, it’s ok. Let it out.

Hell, you already listen to it in the safe solitude of your car or room. The time has come to embrace cheese proudly and stop pretending you are too cool to like it. Turn this music up loud and proud. Cry, laugh, dream, hope, get over heartache, let the goosebumps envelop every inch of your body and have tons of fun.

Monk Mix #2 Cheese by Hipster Monk on Grooveshark

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