Religion and Myth

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A friend of mine graduated from college last year with a degree in business administration. His dream was to major in engineering and pursue a career in designing high-tech electronics. But his father, the owner of a bakery chain franchise, convinced him a business degree was a more realistic and sensible decision. My friend now […]


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In the cover story of the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford is asked if he identifies himself as being a Christian. Mumford’s parents are church leaders in the U.K. and his lyrics frequently reference God, prayer, and spirituality. Although never doubting the existence of God, Mumford stops short of […]

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Zen and the Art of Happiness Chris Prentiss Power Press (2006) Chris Prentiss opens Zen and the Art of Happiness by writing, “there is only one way to achieve lasting happiness. That way is simply: be happy.” It’s a great opening that made me eager to read on. Unfortunately, the rest of the slim 145 […]


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I don’t like to talk about people or organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church. Up until now I’ve never mentioned their childish, hate-mongering antics on this website. No Fred Phelps; no “God Hates [Fags, Fag Enablers, America, Israel, Your Tears, etc]” signs. You couldn’t find it here. Seriously, I had better things to do. Phelps […]


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The first Christmas I celebrated was only a few short years ago, well into my twenties. I have no fond childhood memories of Christmas to share because, being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, my parents didn’t celebrate the holiday. I don’t feel slighted in any way. I had a very good childhood, simply without Christmas. […]


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In the town of Surat, in India, was a coffee-house where many travellers and foreigners from all parts of the world met and conversed. One day a learned Persian theologian visited this coffee-house. He was a man who had spent his life studying the nature of the Deity, and reading and writing books upon the […]


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In the video below, the normally obnoxious Penn Jillette thoughtfully argues against the supposed “war on Christmas” and asks christians why they go to such great lengths to exclude people from the holiday.


Big list of sin!

by Todd Hebert

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sin (noun) – an offense against religious or moral law b: an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible Generally speaking, sin is a relative term that really has no meaning. If there is a god, I’m willing to bet he feels the same. A set list of dos and don’ts with […]


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“The faith in God around our globe Is just bad magic, just a joke Rabbis, priests and muftis, too Are “naked apes” like me and you Only, they see floating ghosts And wear quite funny caps and clothes” The excerpt above is from a German children’s book called Wo bitte geht’s zu Gott?, fragte das […]


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A few years ago, the kids and I decided to celebrate Hanukkah for the first time. We thought it would be fun. We’re not Jewish, but then again we’re not necessarily Christian and we celebrate Christmas. Each of the 8 nights of the Festival of Lights we progressively lit the Hanukkah candles one at a […]

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Editor’s note: This is part one in a series of articles featuring the world’s sacred sites. Hinduism’s holiest city, Varanasi draws a million pilgrims each year. Their mission is to pray, to wash away their sins in the Mother Ganges River, and to die. The Mother Ganges is considered an actual deity in the Hindu […]

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*Potential spoilers contained herein. “Your uncle told me that you have a story that will make me believe in God?” asks the writer to a middle-aged Piscine (Pi, for short) during the opening moments of “Life of Pi.” Damn, that’s a lofty and incredibly futile setup for a film! I’m all ears. Ang Lee’s new […]


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The following poem is by Caitlin R. Once upon a time I was a little girl. Very little. Five. It was a Sunday night. We were at Church. That’s were it usually happens. At Church. Even at a young age. I don’t remember much. The sermon, the people, the songs. All I remember is when […]


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The following is a guest post from Nicole Franklin. Some people are quick to ridicule faithful religious adherents. But me? I envy them. I envy the ability to believe that there is something out there just for you – a plan or a specific place. It’s comforting aspect cannot be overstated. The mental peace that […]


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There is no better example of the toxicity of mixing religious fundamentalism with politics than that of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The Jewish deity bestowed control of this particular piece of land unto his people, so says a collection of books called the Bible. Israelis are making sure God’s will is carried out by evicting all […]


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badbadbad Jesús Ángel García New Pulp Press (2011) The future is here, kids. A novel is no longer limited to printed words on paper. We have the technology! In addition to the old-fashioned book, a novel can include rock and roll music, film, and even a youtube playlist. Almost like a Sunday service at your […]