Are you getting all of your vitamins?

by Todd Hebert

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Do you ever wonder if you are getting all of the necessary vitamins from the foods you eat? It’s really not that difficult to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to run at an optimum level, provided you are eating a variety of foods. Supplements are not always necessary for the average human being. This chart breaks down the 13 essential vitamins our bodies need by which foods provide a rich source.

Created by graphic designer Shannan Lattin, the chart is a visually-striking reference for the health-conscience.

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With a quick glance it is apparent that the staple of a vitamin-rich diet should include a wide variety of vegetables. Adding grains and dairy, a vegetarian can easily satisfy every vitamin requirement. For a vegan, however, Vitamins D and B12 are still lacking. Fortified foods like soy milk or many breakfast cereals can take care of this simple problem.

Visit Shannon Lattin’s website for this and other examples of her work.

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